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Skylla is founded in 2001 by Ronald Peeters to provide high quality service for electronic speed variation. 

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Are you looking for a new ac or dc drive to automate one of your processes?


Do you have a problem with an existing drive application and need help in determining the cause?


Do you have a faulty drive and need repair?


One number: +32 485 910655.

24 houres on 24.



  • New low-cost drive with high flexability by Control Techniqes


The new Commander SK range is a general purpose AC drive designed for quick and easy set-up of simple applications, but has also an extensive list of parameters for every application.


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  • IP55 drive by Invertek


Enclosed Optidrive E series, easy to use,low power and low cost.


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  • Optidrive plus by Invertek


Optidrive Plus 3GV uses a revolutionary and patented motor contol stratergy. 3GV technology delivers 100% torque at 0.0 Hz allowing this unique open loop product to be used without any feedback device in many traditional closed loop applications


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